GrassRoutes Guidebooks

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GrassRoutes Guides point the way to extraordinary places – often delicious ones – that make a positive impact on their community, the environment and the local economy.

We encourage exploring close to home, or acting like a local when traveling, which tends to lead to unforgettable adventures.

Each and every business and activity in the guidebooks have been highly researched. First we look for the best possible experiences – stellar service, amazing ambiance, great quality, things that make us uncontrollably ooh and ah. Then we embark on a careful vetting process to find out what considerations are made when it comes to things like non-toxic cleaners, proximity to public transit, bike parking, fair trade products, banking locally, community events, hiring people re-entering the work force and much more. We find that businesses that are locally owned, meaning the owners live in the community where their business is located, tend to consider these things in earnest. We repeat this process to make sure that we include foods from all over the globe, a rainbow of cultural experiences, and things to do from dawn to midnight. So far, we’ve covered a good bit of the West Coast of the United States. And we’ll continue to update and expand our scope – reporting back, of course!

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    San Francisco

    GrassRoutes San Francisco offers a wealth of ways for small-footprint visitors to deepen their experience of one of America’s most exciting cities. Written by locals immersed in the eco/indie/alt… Read more»
  • grassroutes-new-oakland-med

    Oakland & Berkeley

    GrassRoutes is a new kind of guidebook, written by and appealing to a younger generation than other travel guide series. The books address an interest in green travel, sustainable… Read more»
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    Northern California Wine Country

    This innovative guide re-envisions the road trip, dividing Northern California Wine Country into five regions, each with its own distinct character. From the Undiscovered Coast to Cow Country, the… Read more»
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    Delve deeper into Portland with the latest guide in the GrassRoutes series. Go ahead… taste that Vietnamese-French sandwich, or get out and help clear park trails and meet some locals.… Read more»
  • grassroutes-seattle-med


    Seattle indie culture is thriving, and this is the guidebook to access it. Emphasizing humble over haute, GrassRoutes Seattle takes travelers deep into the local scene at its best: from… Read more»