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Recipe: Poached Seckel Pears

Sep 13, 2013 / By Serena
Posted in Good Ideas / Kitchen Adventures / Recipes
Seckel Pear tart Having the last name Bartlett, I have a natural-born fondness for pears. It makes sense. One of my favorites that’s commercially grown, thus widely available, is the sweet little… Read more»

Oliveto, Flour, Family, and a Lunar New Year recipe

momos, ready to steam Oliveto is an outpost. Sure, it looks like a restaurant, but it is really more an enclave of food soldiers marching to the beat of boldness. Bob and Maggie… Read more»

Cure for the blue days: the best cinnamon rolls

Nov 20, 2012 / By Serena
Posted in DIY / Good Ideas / Kitchen Adventures
understated tastiness. I know that I use the words, “my favorite” frequently, but please understand that the “best” in these cinnamon buns is really no exaggeration. At least I can say… Read more»

Beef and the future of our food

cattle pasture in Sonoma in spring Over the summer my travels have taken me to many growing regions of the country – places we depend on for apples, dates, lettuce, table grapes, wine grapes, beef.… Read more»

Ice Cream Time in San Francisco: Get the Scoop on Every Neighborhood

Jun 5, 2012 / By Serena
Posted in DIY / Good Ideas / Kitchen Adventures / Places / San Francisco Bay Area
ice cream by Daniel Laing Summer time is ice cream time here in San Francisco, and there‚Äôs a great scoop in every neighborhood. Clearly Mark Twain, who wrote that our summers are more like… Read more»