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Saul’s Deli, a place for delicious comfort

Nov 6, 2014 / By admin
Posted in Berkeley / Culture Vulture / East Bay / Food / Good Ideas / Magazine / Travel
pastrami sandwich by t bet Driving along Shattuck Avenue from North Oakland to North Berkeley I sometimes feel like I am sharing the road with giant Gobstoppers, colorful, uncoordinated balls of saccharine. It’s a… Read more»

Recipe: Poached Seckel Pears

Sep 13, 2013 / By Serena
Posted in Featured / Food / Good Ideas / Kitchen Adventures
Seckel Pear tart Having the last name Bartlett, I have a natural-born fondness for pears. It makes sense. One of my favorites that’s commercially grown, thus widely available, is the sweet little… Read more»

Simple pleasures for Valentine’s Day

warming breakfast of Community Grains polenta with my apple sauce and some sharp cheddar Romance is a dish best served casually. In the past few years I have found this to be increasingly true: love can be shown in the simplest of ways,… Read more»

Oliveto, Flour, Family, and a Lunar New Year recipe

Jan 29, 2013 / By Serena
Posted in Berkeley / East Bay / Food / Good Ideas / Kitchen Adventures / Magazine / Marin County / North Bay / Oakland / Recipes / Travel
momos, ready to steam Oliveto is an outpost. Sure, it looks like a restaurant, but it is really more an enclave of food soldiers marching to the beat of boldness. Bob and Maggie… Read more»

Good Luck Black-Eyed Peas

Jan 1, 2013 / By Serena
Posted in Food / Garden Maven / Good Ideas / San Francisco Bay Area / Travel
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Happy New Year! Time for some black-eyed peas! They’ve been eaten since Babylonian times as a good luck food and as I dug around for recipes, it was hard… Read more»