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Simple pleasures for Valentine’s Day

warming breakfast of Community Grains polenta with my apple sauce and some sharp cheddar Romance is a dish best served casually. In the past few years I have found this to be increasingly true: love can be shown in the simplest of ways,… Read more»

Oliveto, Flour, Family, and a Lunar New Year recipe

Jan 29, 2013 / By Serena
Posted in Berkeley / East Bay / Food / Good Ideas / Kitchen Adventures / Magazine / Marin County / North Bay / Oakland / Recipes / Travel
momos, ready to steam Oliveto is an outpost. Sure, it looks like a restaurant, but it is really more an enclave of food soldiers marching to the beat of boldness. Bob and Maggie… Read more»

Cure for the blue days: the best cinnamon rolls

Nov 20, 2012 / By Serena
Posted in Featured / Food / Good Ideas / Holidays / Kitchen Adventures / Magazine / Recipes
understated tastiness. I know that I use the words, “my favorite” frequently, but please understand that the “best” in these cinnamon buns is really no exaggeration. At least I can say… Read more»

News about California State Parks

protected Mendocino coastline This morning there was good news in my inbox: A list from the state park headquarters about how the parks will stay open, news that Salton Sea got an… Read more»

Birdwatching for everyone

Jun 25, 2012 / By Serena
Posted in Good Ideas / Outdoors and on the Road / Recipes
band-tailed pigeons Bird watching doesn’t seem like something that would get the blood flowing. The image I conjure has a lot to do with matching khaki, zip-off short pants, and holding… Read more»