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Art in the redwoods at Gualala Arts Center

Feb 13, 2014 / By admin
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raven wall at gualala arts center Along a delightfully quiet bit of California’s northern coast sits an unexpected cultural hub: Gualala. Too far north for most day trippers, and too far south to borrow the… Read more»

Enotria: Joyful fine dining in Sacramento

Apr 16, 2013 / By Serena
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charcuterie plate There’s a certain joy that comes with being open-minded. You can go¬†through your experiences imagining outcomes, but I find there to be a specific release that comes with expecting… Read more»

Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates: A Slice of France in Sacramento

Mar 20, 2013 / By Serena
Posted in Good Ideas / Other Places / Places
Valentine's inspired gateau Ever since my recent galavant in Sacramento, there’s been that rather annoying but apt Jody Watley song in my head, I’m Looking for a New Love. My new love… Read more»

Cacti and Joshua Tree National Park

Nov 4, 2012 / By Serena
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joshua trees and the Mojave scene The images of the Mojave and Joshua Tree National Park from my last trip there are still fresh in my mind. The people are few and fascinating, the landscape… Read more»

News about California State Parks

protected Mendocino coastline This morning there was good news in my inbox: A list from the state park headquarters about how the parks will stay open, news that Salton Sea got an… Read more»