Healing Activities in Glen Ellen

Jan 7, 2013 / By Serena
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There’s been a lot of muck to sort through, no? Our family had a lot on our plate this year, so to speak. Death, sickness, sudden changes – 2012 has seen it all. While I’ll never need an excuse for a good adventure, the fact is that travel truly does have healing power. The curative effect of exploring, especially in rural areas, cannot be denied. If you’re in need of a healing moment, resist the urge to hide your head under your blanket and take a moment to let your surroundings cajole you back into optimism.

Seeking a silent moment, I went to Glen Ellen, in the valley between Napa and Sonoma. I skipped the fancy tasting rooms and restaurants that would only have fueled feelings of disconnection that difficult change can sometimes incite. After a weekend of writing from my lodge room, and visiting these special places, I felt I could see the world anew, and once more rejoice in nature’s curious beauty.

Jack London Lodge is clean, affordable, and located right on Sonoma Creek, which is running high and mighty this season. From the hot tub you can watch the tall waters press downstream in an orchestral woosh. They just got new mattresses, so sleeping in was very doable even for this early riser with a lot on her mind.

A booking at Jack London Lodge gives you a $15 credit at Jack London Saloon, just next door. It is one of those bars where the wood is shiny with age, the bartender makes you feel you’re at a family pub in Ireland, and there’s unexpectedly good and comforting food. I think I was the only non-local in there.

Jack London State Historic Park is a pristine place, maintained with the idea of preserving the majestic landscape that mused Jack London. Pay a $10 day fee to support their efforts with the House of Happy Walls Museum, Jack London’s cabin, several other historic structures and a network of trails. You’ll find benches punctuating your walk with mailboxes – just open them up and you’ll find some Jack London to read while you sit in nature. The flora and fauna are abundant and rich, worth taking a moment to breathe in the peaceful surroundings.

Before heading home I checked out the Fremont Diner. The rain kept others away so I had the place to myself, and the hostess served me a homemade cheese biscuit with marmalade her boss made from her backyard quince.

The hills were gilded with rainbows on the drive, more than I’ve ever seen.

Everything was right with the world once again, or at least I felt flexibility returning to me – that feeling that I would be able to face changes with elastic skill. Instead of being focused inwardly I was basking in gratitude for the beauty and grandeur I experience every day. Sometimes hardship can cloud that, but even an hour or two “away” can be an effective reset button, if you can take a day away, even better.

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